Today we are announcing our round of $2.7M to build Anthropos into the modern way for companies and employees to develop their future skills and advance their businesses and careers. Giacomo and I started building Anthropos about a year ago with a strong idea in mind: companies and employees need a better way to align on what everyone needs to grow their skills.

People are more ambitious than ever but they are not ok staying in roles and companies that don’t invest in their growth, with values they don’t share.
Similarly for companies: skills are changing so rapidly that looking for the right people is the biggest investment in the budget while retaining the existing talent is always a trial and error process. Our thesis is that both parties could use a different solution to solve this problem. And that’s what Anthropos want to be: the modern way to build a school in your organization. We start with mapping all your skills automatically, verify them and then creating dedicated paths for all your people.

We would like to say thank you to our lead investor Founderful with Alex Stöckl and Antonia Albert – they believed in us from 1st meeting and simply taught us how impactful it is to have someone really understanding founders.

we also want to thank Eden Ventures (Leonardo Giagnoni and Giovanni Strocchi are amazing), Zanichelli Venture (working with such a name and with Enrico Poli is an honor), Exor Ventures and alessandro rivetti + several friends in the US and EU that believed in us along the way, some of them have backed Giacomo and I in multiple ventures and we couldn’t be more grateful!

If you have a company and want to try Anthropos, we have a free trial available on our website! We would love to help you setup a modern platform to guide, upskill and transform your people with your needs in mind.

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