Job Simulations

Bring your people in real-life work situations with AI

Test and Train for roles, skills, projects, and more. Watch how people collaborate with customers and colleagues, deal with problems, and build things. A unique technology powered by AI.

100% customizable for your company.

Give your team something exciting

It feels like a game. And it feels like being inside a real company.

People often say they have a blast with AI Job Simulations. They’re engaging because they mirror real-life scenarios using AI. Expect to interact with colleagues, customers, or make decisions just like you would in an actual company setting.

Evaluate soft and hard skills

In Job Simulations, employees apply both soft and hard skills. Immediate feedback fosters hands-on soft skill development. Even in technical scenarios, communication is key, letting employees showcase their interpersonal abilities.

Collaborative Job Simulations

Think of Job Simulations as a team-building game room. You can invite employees from various roles or even throw in some simulated characters. It’s all about collaboration, interacting with different teams, and tackling challenges together.

Encourage mistakes

Simulations offer a risk-free environment where employees can practice and learn. Mistakes are part of the process, with no real data shared. It’s an ideal space for hands-on interaction with customers and stakeholders. Plus, our technology provides feedback on areas of improvement.

How it works

Think of AI Job Simulations as a virtual workplace playground. They mimic real-world tasks and roles. Whether you’re hiring, training, or upskilling, you can pick from our library or create your own.
After diving in, users get feedback on their skills, and companies can peek behind the curtain to see how things went. Plus, you can tweak these simulations to fit any career path or role. It’s all about making work and learning more hands-on!

Immediate results

For every session you can immediately look at results and conversations

Our technology analyzes the final results and the performance of your people in the AI Job Simulations giving you immediate results and scores. You can truly understand the skills and abilities of your people not only by looking at their assignments but also by reading how they got there.

Create your own Job Simulations

With Anthropos Studio, you can customize every facet of Job Simulations or craft new ones. Set specific skills, problems to solve and scenarios to evaluate, and let our AI assist in drafting the content for the simulation.

Your perfect ally for hiring

Easily immerse candidates in a 2-hour long job simulation to assess performance.

Job Simulations let candidates dive into their applied role and showcase their skills. It streamlines your interview process and gives a glimpse of how they’d perform in that role at your company.

Try Job Simulations today

Start any Job Simulations in our library for free and see how they work.

Our enterprise technology available for Individual users

FAQ about Job Simulations

What is a Job Simulation?

Job Simulations are an immersive tool designed to enable users to validate and learn new skills through realistic scenarios. In these simulations, users are presented with specific challenges, tasks, or job roles that they must navigate and complete successfully. Throughout the experience, users can engage in interactions with virtual characters, all of which are managed by AI, to closely mimic a real-world work environment. Once the simulation is completed, users have the opportunity to submit their assignments for prompt evaluation by our automated system.


How long does it take to complete a Job Simulation?

Our current version of Job Simulations doesn’t have a timer or any expiration, meaning that you can play with it for hours or even days. Most simulations in our library can be completed in 30-45 minutes, depending on their difficulty. To complete a Job Simulation, you need to send the final assignment to your manager and wait for the validation.

What kind of assignment do I need to prepare to complete Job Simulations?

Right now you will need to produce a simple document (PDF or Doc format), you can find an assignment template in the main page of each Job Simulations. It will help you understand what you have to complete and detail to pass the simulation.

Who will be able to read my conversations and results for Job Applications?

If you are part of Anthropos Personal, nobody will have access to your conversations and/or results of your Job Simulations. If you are part of a company using Anthropos Enterprise, your organization can visualize the conversations and results you obtain inside Job Simulations.

Are there limitations to what I can say or talk about with AI characters?

Not really, as you will see they will interact with you in a very natural way with real conversations. Assume they are knowledgeable about their role and what they do inside their organization: they can guide you, work with you, and answer your questions based on the role. Some of them will be more difficult to work with than others, depending on the Job Simulation, and the difficulty of it.

My Job Simulations is stuck or stopped working, what should I do?

We might experience small bugs from to time, if you can’t continue your Job Simulations, just send us an email to or use our integrated chat and we will help you.

How Job Simulations will help me with my career and skills?

We have designed Job Simulations to offer a safe environment to experiment and learn how to work in specific job roles or in specific scenarios. Like in our daily jobs, we learn new things and achieve milestones working with other people and interacting with them. That’s why every Job Simulation has a very realistic context and gives you the opportunity to learn new things by solving problems with other people, which in this case are completely virtual and simulated by AI.

Job Simulations are great if you want to discover new roles you are not familiar with, want to learn new skills or simply test your competences solving real problems.

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