About Us

A career platform that connects people and companies at work, in a modern way

Anthropos is our way of reimagining the connection between people and companies as both adapt to a new way of working. People are more ambitious than ever but they are not ok staying in roles and companies that don’t invest in their growth, with values they don’t share.
Similarly for companies: skills are changing so rapidly that looking for the right people is the biggest investment in the budget while retaining the existing talent is always a trial and error process. Our thesis is that both parties could use a different solution to solve this problem.

Individual? Take control of your career with Anthropos Personal

100% free. The professional profile that helps you discover your skills, fill gaps and plan next steps

Our team

Stefano Bellasio

Co-founder and CEO

Giacomo Marinangeli

Co-founder and CTO

A decade ago, we began crafting products to empower and guide individuals in large organizations, fueled by our passion for career development. Recognizing its critical role in success, we named our initiative Anthropos, Greek for “Human”.

Our principles

For companies and individuals

We are building Anthropos to deliver real value to people and companies – our platform is free to individuals and offers an enterprise business tier for companies looking for a modern approach to their talents.

Your career profile stays with you, forever

Imagine a place to store all your skills and experiences, to look back at what you have learned when. To connect with great people. A place where you can look at your career, try new things and discover new paths.
That’s how we are building Anthropos and your individual profile is always yours.

A clear approach to work

The world of work is still full of dogmas, things not said and details left behind.
Anthropos easily explains career paths, roles and industries. You can use them to decide what’s best for you.