Build critical skills and roles for your business

Anthropos helps you transform your people in what your company needs. They stay longer and do more. Designed for tech, sales, marketing and any other team. Soft and tech skills.

Explore Anthropos Personal for free and map your skills

Anthropos offers a Personal version designed to boost your career and let you learn new skills

A unified view of your workforce skills, experience, certifications and projects

After just a few hours of onboarding, Skills Index reveals insights from 100,000+ skills across all roles and industries. You will look at your people in a new way because you will discover thousands of skills you didn’t know were there.

AI Job Simulations: assess your people in real-life work situations

AI Job Simulations are AI-powered sandboxes to assess and upskill your people in real-life work situations. They need to use their skills and collaborate with virtual customers, colleagues and stakeholders . Perfect to train and test soft and hard skills. 100% customizable.

Assign paths to your employees for any type of role or skill

Build and use skills paths to train for any type of role, program, skills or certification in your company. Integrate your existing content and external libraries and track skills and abilities step by step.

Eliminate bias: see who can really makes the difference

Anthropos helps you identify and develop the teams and people that can really help you solve challenges, take new roles or complete projects. Lead and select by skills. Without bias.

Not just software. New training content monthly.

Every month we publish new Skill Paths and AI Job Simulations for your team. From tech to digital marketing, sales and more.

You can always customize all of them for your company.

3 reasons to adopt Anthropos

Retain with career paths

Your people will have a career path with skills, roles and defined expectations. It’s the key secret to retain them and build the skills your business needs.

Build hands-on skills

Let your people complete tasks, talk to colleagues and negotiate things like they were in one of your roles. A unique technology to assess their skills. Experience it yourself with our Job Simulations.

Hire 10x better

Using Job Simulations you can assess your candidates for the exact job roles, skills and cultural fit you need. It’s like watching them already working at your company.

Anthropos works well for small and large companies

Onboard at your own pace

If you have an Excel file mapping roles, skills, and levels, you can effortlessly import it into Anthropos for a team, department, or the whole organization.

100,000+ skills and growing

Our internal taxonomy contains thousands of skills cross 38 categories, from tech to sales, marketing and more specific industries and topic areas. It allows your company to constantly map and manage the right skills across your entire workforce.

Ready in a few days

Anthropos is not the classic enterprise software that requires months of implementation. Onboarding your teams, assigning them skills, paths, Job Simulations and looking at results is immediate and it takes just a few initial hours or work.

Anthropos Studio

Anthropos Studio makes personalization incredibly easy for all your needs. You can build job simulations, career paths and job roles using our existing content or incorporating content from your existing resources

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