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So you don’t have to spend weeks looking for the right person or months to start a project.

Try Anthropos Personal to map and verify your skills

Use your Resume or LinkedIn profile and test our skills mapping, AI Simulations and Skill Paths

It all starts with skills mapping

Forget about months of implementation, expensive consultants and manual mapping of all your skills. Anthropos maps your workforce in minutes, engaging your employees from day with a unique personal profile.

All your skills, certifications, projects and more are searchable.

Use AI Simulations to test and prepare employees for your projects and roles

AI Simulations are sandboxes capable of bringing your people in real-life projects, roles and tasks where they need to collaborate with colleagues, customers and stakeholders to solve specific missions. 100% customizable to simulate your business.

Finally, provide a clear path to new roles and skills

Skill Paths allow you to build career paths, roles and paths to new skills that you can fully personalize for your company. Even integrating and mapping your existing libraries (LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight and others).

Things get real adding AI Simulations to give your people real-time feedback on how to improve their skills.

Not just software. Enjoy new content monthly.

Every month you find new AI Simulations and Skills Paths for your team. We cover hundreds of skills, scenarios and roles. From technology to sales, AI and soft skills just to name a few!

Find top performers watching them solving problems

AI Simulations allow you to see how your top performers solve problems in real life, with soft and hard skills. Detailed reports help people improve with immediate and specific feedback on their skills while managers can see how their people apply and solve problems in unique ways.

Why adopting Anthropos in your team

Soft skills and Hard skills

Anthropos enhances your development of both soft and hard skills through our innovative AI Simulations and a comprehensive database of 60,000 skills and 18,000 roles. Your employees will be amazed at the accuracy and effectiveness of our skill mapping process.

Employees have fun with it

This is the consistent feedback from our customers. Their employees have fun learning and upskilling with AI Simulations because they get to work with other virtual people, they can do mistakes and learn from them in real-time.

Move faster without hiring

Transforming your people skills is the only way to stay competitive in the market and save money. Want to help you people adopt AI in their work? Teach them how to sell a new product? Or simply select some of them for a new internal project you have never tried before? With Anthropos it will be easy and very effective.

Use custom AI Simulations to reflect your company priorities

Immerse your people in familiar roles and projects

AI Simulations can simulate exactly the roles, projects and situations your people face inside your company. You can prepare them for your products, customers or new roles they could take in the future.

Discover new abilities in your workforce

AI Simulations results will show you skills and aspects of your people you would have never imagined. It will help you assign them to the best roles and tasks to maximize their productivity and retain them in your business.

Anthropos will build your AI Simulations

Our Enterprise subscription includes free consultancy to build a set of AI Simulations based on the skills, roles and needs you have. You will be ready from day 1.

Anthropos Studio

Anthropos Studio makes personalization incredibly easy for all your needs. You can build AI simulations, career paths and job roles using our existing content or incorporating content from your existing resources

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