Make your profile effective

Our AI will highlight your skills and improve descriptions, ensuring the best presentation throughout your profile.

Tell a story about your professional life

In today’s professional world, it’s not just about job titles. It’s about the stories behind them. Anthropos encourages you to narrate a richer career journey, spotlighting skills in each project, the challenges you overcame, and the tangible results you achieved.

Use skills to fill your gaps

Dive into Anthropos and harness the Skills feature. Seamlessly track your growth and pinpoint pivotal experiences. As you consider new roles or skills, Anthropos highlights both your technical and soft skills, guiding you to identify and bridge gaps.

Show your abilities with Projects and Simulations

Imagine you’re a Software Engineer diving into Anthropos. You’ve just completed an intricate app development project. Instead of merely listing it, you detail the project, emphasizing your proficiency in “Python” and “React”. You also share its technical specifications and provide a direct GitHub link.

Prove your hands-on skills with Job Simulations

But it’s not all work. Dive into Job Simulations, a fun and engaging feature, allowing you to demonstrate both your technical prowess and soft skills in virtual work scenarios. It’s a hands-on way to show potential employers how you tackle real-world challenges.