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You are in control. It’s your career. Anthropos Personal is open to everyone for free. Your career profile helps you visualize your career, assess your skills and learn new ones for specific roles and industries.

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This feature is available for Anthropos Personal and Anthropos Enterprise.

Like LinkedIn, but centered on personal growth

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Connect your LinkedIn or upload your resume, and Anthropos AI begins crafting your profile, unveiling your skills and their origins.

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Forget your title for a second and look at what you can really do. You will be surprised.

Anthropos identifies over 66,000 skills and 4,500 job roles, recommending those fitting your experience. Enhance your profile by attaching skills to positions, projects, and other details.

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Set career goals and track your progress

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Anthropos AI makes your profile unique.

With Anthropos, enhance any profile section using our AI assistant. Whether refining an experience, detailing a project, or perfecting your introduction, it ensures clarity and effective communication of your journey.

Simulations help you learn and verify your skills

Interact with customers, stakeholders and colleagues like in a real company

Get access to our library of Job Simulations to test your skills or learn new ones for specific job roles. Every simulation will bring you into a real scenario and you will have fun learning and solving challenges.

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Their story will inspire you.

Looking to advance in your role? Explore Anthropos to draw inspiration from others’ journeys, understanding their skills and learning paths. Connect with professionals who resonate with your aspirations and foster personal growth.


You are in control.

Anthropos Personal offers complete privacy settings, empowering you to choose your sharing preferences. Whether exclusive to your organization, open to all, or limited to your network, you have control. Preview your profile’s appearance for different audiences.