Map and centralize your workforce skills

The power of skills for your business

Take advantage of your workforce competencies to increase productivity

Why mapping skills matters

Companies are constantly trying to move faster and skills are the real enablers: if you know what your people can do and how well, it becomes easier to start new projects and accelerate existing ones tapping into the right talent. You don’t have to wait for new hires to come here and transform your business, a lot of your existing talent has abilities you didn’t know about.

Using skills to understand gaps and opportunities

After mapping your business’s skills, you can track your company’s evolution. Are you keeping up with new tech? Does your team grasp industry challenges? Skills intelligence highlights knowledge gaps and opportunities, helping you leverage your current staff.

Solve your customers’ needs faster

Businesses need to move incredibly fast nowadays. In a world where competition is global, your customers expect real-time support on your product and services. With your workforce’s skills mapped and searchable, you can quickly match the right person to any customer need.

Find the right person in any situation

Disruptions are a given. With Anthropos, quickly find the right team members for replacements, emergency support, or optimizing resources when it’s crucial. Skills highlight the talent ready to face new hurdles, and you can spot them in minutes.

Develop skills in advance

Many companies grapple with finding and training talent. With skills, you can identify those ready to shift into new roles, compare them to desired roles, and use Anthropos to prep them early. Addressing skills gaps becomes simpler, letting you manage them proactively across departments.

Prepare your workforce for AI and automation

AI and Automation will transform your workforce and the skills your business needs. Adopting skills is crucial to prepare for it.

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FAQ about Skills mapping

What are the skills and job roles recognized by Anthropos?

Anthropos has crafted a proprietary taxonomy encompassing 100,000+ skills and 30,000+ job roles. Learn more about our taxonomy. 

Are skills and roles tailored for specific industries and departments?

No, Anthropos is industry-agnostic, designed to accommodate any workforce across diverse sectors. Our taxonomy spans across a multitude of industries, professions, and skills.

How does Anthropos facilitate skill assessment?

Utilize Job Simulations to assess the soft and hard skills of specific employees or groups in your company through a practical, hands-on approach.

How long does it take to map your organization’s skills?

Upon inviting employees and providing their resumes or LinkedIn profiles, Anthropos initiates skill mapping automatically. This process, leading to an initial visualization of skills and roles within your organization, can be accomplished within a few hours.

How can I use Anthropos to identify specific skills within my organization?

With our Workforce Intelligence component, pinpointing employees with desired skill sets and roles is straightforward, aiding in efficient resource allocation within your organization.

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