At Anthropos we are building the future of how companies will take care of their workforce. We believe companies will face a lot of challenges in the next few years and most of those can be managed through investing in their talent: mapping their skills, retaining them with clear guidance and preparing them for the skills that are still not here today but that will completely change companies of tomorrow. Giacomo and I became passionate about this while building our previous business and we see an immense opportunity of giving companies worldwide a new approach to retain their talent and manage the workforce. We could say Anthropos is an operating system for companies to manage their workforce and prepare them for the future.

Today I will talk about Job Simulations, a new product we invented a few months ago that is currently in beta and represents a few of the innovations of our workforce platform. Simulations (as I like to call them!) are virtual environments that simulate specific scenarios and tasks for several job roles. They can be used for hiring and upskilling. For instance, imagine you can be a Product Manager for one day and build something with other people inside an imaginary company. Or maybe you find yourself in the middle of a long downtime in a software company and as an IT Support Specialist you have to manage it with other colleagues and customers.

An example of Job Simulations for Product Managers at Anthropos, specifically designed to test skills for product managers in a real hands-on scenario.

Job Simulations can power several similar scenarios using AI to simulate all kinds of stakeholders and stories. We have built a sophisticated engine that allows Simulations to be very interactive: nothing of what we simulate is scripted or prepared, only the challenge, skills, and scenarios we want to build, with specific parameters that allow our technology to control conversations and actions performed by the candidate.

Given the nature of our solution, Job Simulations require end-users to use their soft and hard skills at the same time: people need to interact with all sorts of teams, get information, and work with them to complete specific challenges. It’s exactly what happens when you are inside a company: your single skills matter but your ability to use them in a specific context, with other people, bring the difficulty to another level and shows your real abilities. But we did not create Job Simulations just to test soft and hard skills, we created them first and foremost to expose people to all sorts of jobs and different skills and let them discover them in a virtual way. Sometimes you will wonder what someone with the title of Product Manager does and what is an example of their day. Job Simulations give people exact that and we hope to expand that to thousands of new skill-based roles over the next years.

Example of the Job Simulations for Product Managers - in this case there is the first interaction with my manager

Skills-based hiring with Job Simulations

We are in the early stages of developing this product, and there is a ton more we need to develop, but the first use case for us is related to skills-based hiring. Essentially, skills-based hiring involves screening and hiring people based on their skills rather than their past experience and/or education. This approach is likely the future of hiring in a world where people have thousands of skills and the simple idea of looking at their past experience doesn’t work anymore. In this sense, Job Simulations are perfect for those companies that want to test potential candidates by looking exactly at how effective their soft and hard skills are. For some industries is already the ONLY way to hire talent due to shortages in several areas.

Job Simulations elevate skills-based hiring by testing someone in a real scenario, one that is as close as possible to your company. Imagine you are looking for a Sales Representative; you can simulate a real scenario in your organization where the candidate needs to interact with customers that are similar to yours and talk exactly about your product. Furthermore, Simulations facilitate testing the cultural fit of a candidate by replicating your company’s unique approach to sales and inter-departmental interactions. The customization offered by Job Simulations, whether through our templates or created from scratch, ensures a personalized assessment environment.

Automate candidate screening with Job Simulations

Interviewing tens of candidates for a position has the advantage of giving your company more choices and chances to find someone great, but it’s also incredibly expensive. Interviewing every candidate is time-consuming and requires the involvement of several people on your team to truly understand soft/hard skills and cultural fit for your organization. With Job Simulations, all of this can be done at scale: it’s easy to invite 20 candidates to complete Job Simulations and utilize the results to decide who you want to talk to. This not only expedites the hiring process but also enhances its objectivity: you are able to compare all candidates based on their skills and how they have performed in your challenge.

Our product simplifies the comparison of candidates across a broad spectrum of skills, and you can even look at the way they have interacted with others to learn more about their attitude and personality. From a dedicated control panel you can see how each candidate has performed.

Designed for any type of role, from marketing to engineering

We are building Job Simulations to be effective for several types of jobs and departments. Our technology can adapt to assess several types of scenarios and skills; it’s easy for us to build a simulation for a marketing role, with specific skills for that department, or adapt it to be useful in sales or operations. Our Library showcases a variety of scenarios we are capable of testing and we are planning to add new ones monthly.

Share more about your business to attract the best talent

Many modern skills-based hiring platforms (Link a /platform/job-simulations/) rely solely on quizzes or pre-scripted scenarios. In contrast, Job Simulations offer candidates an immersive experience and they will actually learn something about your company solving challenges or building products that are truly related to your business. This is important because most times attracting the best talent is about being able to sell them on your mission, challenges, and learning opportunities. Imagine creating multiple job simulations for your organization where candidates can really feel like they are working inside your company, on your problems. There are very few companies that can match such experience today!

Test Job Simulations with our beta-program

We are currently working with a selected and small list of companies that are implementing our Job Simulations. If you’re interested in testing Job Simulations for your company, please reach out to us at We’ll connect with you to better understand your needs and use case. Our team works with our early customers to fully personalize Job Simulations.

I hope you found this introduction to Job Simulations for skills-based hiring insightful. Stay tuned for more updates on this product!


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