Workforce Intelligence

Say goodbye to KPIs and boring reports, welcome decisions!

It helps you save money and accelerate productivity

Actionable insights

The ones that transform your productivity

Anthropos Workforce Intelligence gives every department critical data to make workforce decisions and avoid disruptions.

Retain critical skills

Workforce Intelligence recommends employees with vital skills for your business by linking open roles, industry trends, and company needs. We pinpoint individuals with essential knowledge for your business.

Find people at risk

Identify and retain “at-risk” employees with sought-after skills. Create custom programs to engage them and use career paths to provide clarity on their future.

Fill open roles

Leverage Workforce Intelligence to find the ideal candidates for your organization’s open roles. Receive a match percentage score and detect skill gaps for immediate action, proving invaluable for urgent staffing needs.

Keep an eye on your best people

We know how it feels to lose them.

When top talent exits, your company faces slowdowns and costly replacements. Anthropos offers a real-time snapshot of your standout performers and up-and-comers. We use a mix of data, like skills, tenure, peer feedback, and project achievements, to spot them.

Discover what makes your workforce unique

Preserve your culture while scaling.

Unlike other solutions, Anthropos harnesses insights from your employees’ habits and past experiences.
Workforce Intelligence offers valuable insights into the skills, traits, and prior experiences that align best with your company’s success. It leverages the performance and tenure of employees with these attributes to provide tailored recommendations.