Transform to a skills-first organization

Anthropos Skills Index empowers your organization to quickly implement a skills based talent strategy across the entire employee lifecycle.

Workforce intelligence visualization with skills for the entire organization inside the Anthropos career platform

How it works

Our Skills Index technology, boasting knowledge of 100,000+ skills and 30,000+ job roles, delves into your team’s profiles to uncover skills, roles, and those ‘aha!’ insights.

Many businesses use it to get a full picture of their team’s talents and then make smart moves. Thanks to AI, we effortlessly connect the dots between skills, roles, and career paths.

Skills mapping reinvented

Swap months of assessments for hours

Many vendors use lengthy quizzes for skill assessment, causing delays and outdated results. Our technology starts with employee profiles and project details, allowing for more efficient and up-to-date skill assessment. With Job Simulations you can then perform a true assessment where needed.

100,000+ skills available

Designed for soft and hard skills

Virtual hands-on assessment

Skills and job roles categories

Customize and integrate your skills

Connect your taxonomy to ours or add/change existing skills and roles.

You can customize skills, roles, and categories in our taxonomy. If you have your own taxonomy, integrate it with ours. Learn more about our integrations and APIs here.