HIre 10x better with Job Simulations

Hiring mistakes are expensive

That’s why we reinvented Skills-based hiring with Job Simulations.

Watching candidates in action is the solution

Job Simulations will help you evaluate candidates in a simulated work environment. Candidates must tackle challenges, collaborate with others, and demonstrate their hard and soft skills just as they would within your company. Preview their real job performance before bringing them on board.

Test for cultural fit, soft skills and attitude

Using Simulations, you can see how candidates vibe with others and handle stress. Do they get your company’s vibe? Will they play nice with the team? It helps you pick folks who’ll fit right in from the start.

Discover what they can really do

Truth is, companies often skip over awesome people just ’cause they’re hung up on fancy titles or buzzwords on resumes. With Simulations, you get to see what candidates can really do, regardless of their past jobs or what’s on their CV.

Dramatically reduce costs and improve quality

Screen 10x more candidates

Many companies hire after interviewing just a few candidates due to time and cost constraints. With Simulations, you can assess hundreds and pinpoint the best fits for your business.

Save weeks of your SMEs time

Job Simulations assess both hard and soft skills, cutting down interview time and the people needed. You can skip pulling in SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and let them focus on their work. Your Talent Acquisition team can lean on simulations, bringing in leadership or SMEs only for final interviews.

Hire with objective data

Anthropos offers an objective way to compare candidates. Instead of varied opinions based on different interviewers, you can judge candidates on the same tasks and challenges, making decisions based on data, not gut feelings. It’s ideal for teams of all sizes hiring new members.

Our tech also auto-highlights standout performances, letting you focus on the top contenders.

FAQ about Job Simulations and hiring with Anthropos

What advantages does Skills-based hiring with Job Simulations offer?

Job Simulations allow a hands-on evaluation of candidates’ real skills and performance in specified scenarios, all in an automated manner. This approach enhances your ability to identify the right talent aligning with your company’s needs.

What aspects do Job Simulations assess?

Job Simulations provide a holistic assessment covering both hard and soft skills, and enable observation of candidate interactions with others under varying circumstances.

How does your technology differ from other hiring assessment tools?

Unlike traditional assessments, Job Simulations immerse candidates in realistic organizational scenarios, offering a deeper insight into their abilities as they would manifest in actual job situations.

What scenarios can be crafted using Job Simulations?

Job Simulations can mimic particular tasks, roles, or challenges within an organization, with the ability to include multiple virtual actors possessing distinct characteristics. Our library showcases the range of possibilities with this technology.

Are Job Simulations versatile across various roles and departments?

Yes, they are engineered to evaluate a wide array of skills and roles, adaptable across different departments. They integrate with our Skills and Job roles taxonomy. 

What is the duration of simulations?

Currently, Job Simulations have no duration limit. Typically, they can be completed within 1-2 hours, contingent on the complexity of the task and challenge. 

Is comparative analysis of candidates’ performance possible?

Yes, you can compare candidates’ performance and even tailor the skills and parameters assessed in each simulation to align with your criteria.

What are examples of roles where Job Simulations can significantly improve candidate screening?

Job Simulations can really be used for any type of role, from engineering roles to sales, marketing, product and others. Working with our customers we noticed how good they are for roles where there is a strong mix of hard and soft skills, like Product Managers, Operations Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Account executives and many other roles where candidates need to use a strong mix of skills and interact well with colleagues and stakeholders. 

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