Product Manager: learn how to build new AI features in a team

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Your virtual team

Work with the CPO and a few enterprise customers to modernize the Medsoftware SaaS solution.

Challenge overview

Your mission
In this simulation, Medsoftware intends to utilize AI to solve major customer issues. As Product Manager, you’ll pinpoint the key problem, develop an AI solution, and handle the intricacies within our expansive organization. It sounds easier than it is, believe us!

What you will learn
Learn how to interact with customers and stakeholders to identify problems and use data to build specific software features to solve them.


  1. Knowledge of Product management fundamentals
  2. Previous experience as a Project manager or Software Engineer is helpful
  3. Software engineering principles and experience of at least 3+ years

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How to complete the challenge?
You complete the challenge by sending a final document that describes your solution after you have spent time with the rest of your colleagues. Download it and start filling it out as you work on the simulation

Next Steps

  1. Start the Job Simulation
  2. Interact with anyone at Medsoftware like you would within any organization
  3. Fill out the document template and send it to your boss once done to get your final results and suggestions on what you could have done better!


Who you will work with in this Simulation:
Your team is 100% generated by AI – you will not interact with real people and no human will read your conversation.

David Lamena

Chief Product Officer at Medsoftware Inc. This is your manager in this simulation.

Teresa Lawrence

Head Customer Support at St Louis Hospital Chicago.

Brad Jackson

General Counsel at San Diego Community Hospital

Katia Teklov

Patient of San Francisco Zuckerberg General Hospital

About Medsoftware Inc.

The MedSoftware board is seeking a major revamp of the platform to boost growth in the US market, where the company is already a market leader but faces increasing competition from smaller and more agile companies. The executive team is considering adopting AI at scale within the MedSoftware CRM as the next significant investment. As a Product Manager, the CPO has tasked you with defining the first AI-powered feature that should be developed within the software suite. Your responsibility also includes presenting a project brief to build and implement this feature. There are several aspects of the product that could benefit from AI to improve various use cases within hospitals.