Skills and Job Roles Taxonomy

Anthropos uses a proprietary skills taxonomy built with a modern approach.

How we manage skills at scale

Featuring over 100k skills and 30k job roles, Anthropos’ proprietary skills taxonomy provides a comprehensive map of the job market across several industries. We harness AI to make its structure adaptive, continuously updating to align with market trends.
Our customers need solutions that evolve with the job market and yet be tailored to their unique needs. With these principles in mind we built our skills taxonomy to enable businesses to resonate with the market’s skill language and adeptly identify specific custom needs.

Modern AI techniques for a modern taxonomy of skills

Using Artificial Intelligence we have been able to integrate multiple data sources like ONet (focused on US market data)
and ESCO (for European market data) in our taxonomy.
We use generative AI technologies to broaden the connections among skills, job roles and industries and to infuse current trends.
This unique approach allowed us to build a modern skills taxonomy that is extremely intuitive and flexible.

Connecting Skills and Job Roles

Our taxonomy links skills with job roles, enabling diverse talent management for our customers. Each job role lists required skills, and each skill identifies relevant job roles, making our technology a key tool for workforce management and transformation.

Job Roles and Career Progression

For each job role, our taxonomy presents career advancement trajectory, highlighting potential roles and different paths ahead. Individuals and managers can make informed choices about training and development, making our technology essential for both personal career planning and organizational talent growth.

Our taxonomy is live

Our taxonomy, unlike others, is freely navigable online, allowing customers to assess its structure and design before adopting Anthropos. We’re working to integrate this on our website soon.
For a preview, schedule a meeting with our team.

Coming Soon!

Expand and modify our taxonomy

Every company has specific skills, job roles and structures.

Our customers can easily expand the taxonomy by adding new items (skills, job roles, categories etc.) or simply modify the existing ones inside our solution.

Integrate your existing taxonomy

Connect Anthropos to an existing taxonomy in your org.

If your organization has an existing taxonomy, Anthropos can fully integrate with it to make sure our platform uses your skills, job roles and categories.

Questions about our taxonomy?