Last month our team has been busy fixing and improving Anthropos across a variety of fronts. We started building Anthropos just a few months back but your feedback has been amazing and we decided to spend time improving our overall product, starting with our chrome extension.  Get used to these articles as we start publishing more and more updates to our product and we will try to walk you through each single one to receive your feedback and keep you up to speed on what’s coming.

Cover letters are now integrated into the Chrome extension

Many of you told us they wanted to have more and more features directly integrated in our chrome extension. The new version integrates cover letters directly in the dropdown menu and it contains more data and information about your profile so that all of them are always easily reachable while you browse job positions and apply to them.

You can now use the last 5 cover letters created in Anthropos simply copying and pasting them from the chrome extension, but you can also generate a new cover letter with a simple click when you visit a job description. This is particularly helpful when you need to create a cover letter at the last minute before completing your job application or when you need to modify an existing one.

cover letter generation with Anthropos

You can still edit all your cover letters in your Profile page and they will be automatically updated in the chrome extension dropdown menu.

Profile importer for resume and LinkedIn: faster and more precise

One of our key tools is our profile importer: you can sign up for Anthropos and simply create your career profile using your LinkedIn URL or your resume. Our importer will import all your data and match them in the profile. Unfortunately some resumes have specific formats or information that we couldn’t properly import and at times, it took up to 5 minutes to import a profile. Our team has worked on the technology behind it and the import is now 2x faster and it recognizes more data and information in your profile.

Anthropos uses a lot of information inside your profile to write cover letters and autofilling job applications, so my suggestion is to spend a bit of time reviewing your profile and adding all the details that are missing.

Profile importer

Job applications auto-filling and tracking

The Anthropos job application autofilling has been improved as well. The team removed the majority of cases where the AI was returning a simple sentence like “As I an AI language…” and we also improved the quality of responses for each job site (ATS, application tracking system) we currently support. In addition to that, we added a few more controls in the Job Applications tracker inside Anthropos so that you can now remove applications or mark them as submitted.

There are still cases and web sites where Anthropos auto-filling doesn’t properly work. We are aware of it and we will keep adding new supported systems in the next months. We have a new FAQ section that explains in details how we approach things and what’s currently supported or not.

Feedback is always very welcome! Contact us at or use the chat inside our platform!



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