Today we are launching a new functionality in Anthropos: cover letter automatic generation! All our users can now generate cover letters starting from their Anthropos profile and even customize them for specific job applications!

Below a preview of how it works….keep reading to learn more about this new feature!

Why cover letters

Job applications are a tough, time consuming task! We talked a lot about that and we have built 1-click Apply to help you fill out as many job applications as possible.

But, what’s even more time consuming? Writing cover letters and doing so in a way that let you emerge among thousands of other candidates! We have worked on a solution that helps you writing cover letters that highlight your skills, work experience and personality matching that with the requirements of your job application.

Watch this demo to see how easy it is:

How it works

We have built this feature to let you work on your cover letters and save multiple ones (up to 5) that you can constantly modify. The generation of new cover letters is always possible but Anthropos will keep just the last 5 generated.

For each cover letter you can pick a different tone and play with it: you will see how some of them are more effective than others depending on your profile and job application you are applying to!

What’s next

Cover letters are immediately available in your profile. We are working on a few more functionalities that you will see appearing in your profile in the next weeks – and as always we are happy to receive feedback!

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