It’s been a while since I posted on our blog and I am finally back to it today. The reason is pretty simple: we have been working hard on advancing our solution at Anthropos and I would like to introduce you to a few new features for our AI Job Simulations technology. As a quick recap, AI Simulations are virtual sandboxes that can be used to test and assess people skills in real-life scenarios. They can collaborate, work and talk to virtual actors while solving specific problems: at the end our technology can automatically evaluate their technical and non technical skills and provide a score with suggestions on where to improve.

You can see a full demo of our technology in a recent webinar we recorded:

Screening candidates with AI Job Simulations

Today we are introducing the ability to use AI Job Simulations to automatically screen your candidates for any job role, task or assignment. How does it work?

  1. Choose from our pre-designed AI Job Simulations or create your own using Anthropos Studio.
  2. Customize or select a scenario that reflects your company’s needs, either by adapting one from our existing library or crafting a new one entirely.
  3. Define the specific tasks candidates must complete and the skills they need to demonstrate.
  4. Utilize our tool to gain insights into and review candidates’ submissions and performance.

This allows you to automate the screening of 100s of candidates giving them a great experience and most importantly, understanding exactly who would be able to perform in your job position. AI Job Simulations are better than existing screening tools like TestGorilla or others because we can evaluate both soft and tech skills for each candidate and we let you see exactly how that person communicates, interacts and solves problems. Also, you will be able to look at the document they had to submit, the score they got and the level of interaction they have with all the virtual stakeholders of the simulation. If you are curious and want to learn more about how they solved something specific, you can click and look at their chats with the virtual actors.

This is an example of how you can immediately look at results for all your candidates, filtering by Job Simulations or by candidate – in all cases you

Using AI Job Simulations for skill-based hiring, automating the review of candidates for soft and hard skills.

AI Job Simulations to screen candidates automatically and give them a score based on their skills

Launching AI Job Simulations for roles and skills of any type

We are currently live with a few AI Job Simulations in our library but we are about to start publishing a lot more. AI Simulations are interactive environments that can simulate just any type of job role, task or situation. They are immersive and designed to help companies screen candidates looking at their skills and abilities in real-life scenarios.

If you want to try AI Job Simulations you can request a free trial of Anthropos Enterprise for 14 days!

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