As said in our vision, our mission at Anthropos is first and foremost about rebuilding the connection between people and companies. We are building a SaaS (software as a service) platform designed for end users and companies to build and develop their careers.

There are many aspects of the relationship we need to work on: hiring, onboarding, skills assessment, career paths and growth inside an organization.

1-click apply is our first product and it targets hiring and applications. I’ve explained here why job applications are broken and we have been working on a solution that allows people to quickly apply to hundreds of jobs in minutes. You fill out your profile in Anthropos first, download our Chrome extension and then you are ready to start applying, we take care of everything else.

Why 1-click apply?

Job applications are painful.

Every company uses a different ATS (the system a company uses to collect applications for job positions and manage candidate) and with that it implements a different flow of questions, data and information requests that candidates need to fill out to apply for a position. LinkedIn partially solved that with Easy Apply but not all companies use it and it’s generally not well seen by companies.

Now, looking for a job is usually seen as another full-time job. You need to find and apply for positions spending hours every day and then go through several interview processes, often spanning across weeks.

1-click apply wants to help people applying for jobs. As many as they like because finding a job is also a number game. People like to say the opposite but applicants need to fight keyword-screeners in the ATS, junior recruiters and hiring managers that don’t fully know what they are looking for. So applying for 100 job positions instead of 10 makes a difference in your chances to land an interview.

I used to tell my HR team that recruiting is pure sales. And if you are in sales and have done cold-calling or outbound reaching, you know it’s a number game as well. Think of job applications in a similar way. You spend your time working on the message, not on understanding how to make 1000 dials.

Now, our goal is not to help people applying for any type of job. 1-click apply wants to help you save time to increase the number of hours you spend on your profile, story and ability to market yourself to your future employers. In this sense, this is the first step of our solution.

How does it work?

It’s easy. You sign-up for Anthropos using your LinkedIn, Google or email. If you do that with LinkedIn we will be able to automatically import your experiences, if not you can do that later on or simply import your CV into our system.

Once you have done it, you can simply start applying using our Chrome extension. Go to a job application and click “Fill out this application“. Right now we integrate with a few ATS systems (Lever, Recruiter and a few more) but in the next weeks we will keep adding new ones, so that we make sure we can help you automatically apply 90% of times.

As our software encounters questions you have not replied to (for instance: “Describe your best achievements in the last 5 years” or “Why do you want to work for company X?“) you will be asked to fill out those manually and we will start learning about them so that you don’t have to repeat them again.

Part of our objective is to make 1-click apply smart enough to help you improve your answers and automate them at 100%: we are working on these features and you will see more and more coming live over the next weeks.

What’s next

1-click apply is free and Anthropos Personal is always free. We are planning to introduce a set of advanced features that we will charge for, but for now everything in our Chrome extension is free.

We will keep publishing updates on new features using this blog and if you encounter issues, you should send us a message at


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