Look at everyone’s experience, skills, projects and goals

Like a contemporary LinkedIn for your organization.

For Individuals / For Companies

This feature is available for Anthropos Personal and Anthropos Enterprise.

A complete career profile for every employee

From past experiences to highlighted skills

Our career profiles provide an extensive view of your workforce, enabling your company to comprehend and cultivate talent. Within Anthropos, every employee possesses a profile loaded with skills, experiences, projects, hobbies, connections, and goals.

100% powered by skills

Use Skills to spot strengths, project connections, and trends across your entire workforce.

Skills are central to our career profiles. Anthropos AI efficiently identifies employees’ skills through their profiles. Our technology automatically tags experiences, projects, and positions with skills, considering the role, industry, and time spent.

Assess your workforce skills

Job Simulations are great for soft and hard skills

Job Simulations make it easy to verify your people’ skills for specific roles or single competencies. Thanks to our AI technology, you can use them to see how people use their skills in specific real scenarios.

Projects, experience and more

Employees can detail skills used in projects, resulting in a profile that highlights their achievements and methods.

A profile to advance and improve

Employees use profiles to track skills, validate with Job Simulations, and access our library. They engage with skills and roles their company needs.

Import data in minutes

We import data from resumes, LinkedIn and your internal systems.

You can onboard your employees in minutes and connect Anthropos to your systems to import all the data. The process is fully managed and included in our pricing.