Enter a new era of work

There are remote and hybrid workforces, skills shortages and a new generation of workers
Meanwhile, your current HR tools and LMS’s are built to solve problems from the 90’s!

Switch to a solution built for a modern workforce!

Engage your employees

Employees want a clear way to understand opportunities and paths inside your company. With Anthropos you give everyone a personal career profile that helps them grow in your company.

Assign clear career paths and job roles

Align your people with your needs

Employees can view and prep for potential career avenues, while managers track progress and make informed role assignments or promotions.

For every level of your organization

Individual Contributors, Managers, and Executives can use Anthropos in their daily jobs.

Skills-based hiring done right

Not sure if Melanie is ready for Sales? Let her try for a week and see how it goes.

Job Simulations take a new approach to skills-based hiring with virtual environments that help you screen candidates or employees for soft and hard skills. As if they were in your company.

Data to make decisions

  • Spot employees excelling in specific skills or roles.
  • Identify rising stars worth investing in due to their unique skill sets.
  • Pinpoint top engineers for customer interactions.
  • Anticipate and mitigate potential churn in key teams.
  • Seamlessly transition employees into new roles based on skills and organizational needs.

Find the right person in any situation

Jess is great with customes but her title says Operations Manager – How would you know?

Find hidden gems in your future and existing workforce, discover who can fill that new role tomorrow and the person that has already figured it out.

Anthropos is easy to buy and adopt

We make it easy for your company to buy Anthropos.
After that, our team works with you until you are up to speed.

“For the last 10 years we built enterprise solutions used by Fortune 500 companies and small-medium businesses”

Co-founder and CEO

Anthropos Inc

Co-founder and CTO

Anthropos Inc

We care about your business

You will not hear from us just 90 days before renewal.

With over a decade crafting enterprise software globally, we understand you seek solutions and partners, not just another SaaS platform. Expect a seamless Anthropos experience, our entire team is focus on you success.