7 chapters ・

51 steps・

16 hours, 44 minutes

5 steps・ 10 minutes

This is an introduction to SEO and how it works. We will walk you through the basics, starting from how search works. Expert to learn also why SEO is still needed today and why it matters for businesses.

5 steps・ 1 hour, 28 minutes

In this chapter you will learn critical skills like keyword researching and get introduced to frameworks to present your SEO work to customers and stakeholders.

5 steps・ 1 hour, 29 minutes

Being strategic about your SEO roadmap is a strong skill you will learn to appreciate over time: in this chapter we teach you what strategy means for SEO and how to build roadmaps that are driven by outcomes.

5 steps・ 1 hour, 3 minutes

A consultative approach will let you focus on solving your customers’ problems even before talking about SEO and search. In this chapter we introduce you to the consulting and soft skills you should get familiar with in an SEO role.

In this last chapter we briefly introduce you to the power of AI for SEO: how you can leverage ChatGPT and LLMs to generate content and improve your productivity in your daily tasks.

About this path

Learning SEO Fundamentals Skill Path

In this path you will learn the fundamentals of modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we will introduce you to the use of generative AI to automate and produce content for your SEO strategy. This is a great course for any digital marketer, product manager or tech professional that has always been interested in SEO and wants to understand the fundamentals to start working on it for your web properties. We included a specific section about AI and automation to make sure you get all the tools to take advantage of SEO with a modern approach.

This skill path is fairly technical so this is great for people that are familiar with web development, javascript and general tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and others. We will teach you how to adapt and optimize your SEO from a technical and non-technical perspective.

Last but not least we will teach you how to present your SEO strategy, how to explain it to customers and stakeholders and how to align your product or technical team around SEO and priorities.

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