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Buckle upbecause today’s topic is tricky and may be triggering for some of us.

I originally had a completely different subject in mind for this week’s newsletter, but after a thought-provoking conversation with a former colleague, I felt compelled to share a few reflections

In essence, he told me that, while taking a walk along the seaside at the end of his vacation, he suddenly realized he wasn’t satisfied with his job anymore. It’s not that he hadn’t suspected it before, of course, but the awareness that he was no longer in the right place struck him all at once. Once he reached that point, he couldn’t help but acknowledge the “elephant in the room,” and he understood that it was time to leave his job.

What struck me the most was that all the signs indicating that this wasn’t the right place for him had been clear for a while, yet he had never connected all the dots. I couldn’t help but wonder, is it possible? Isn’t it strange that someone can become so deeply entrenched in a job that they don’t even realize it’s no longer a good fit? Apparently, yes. It’s possible to lose weeks and months without realizing that the place where you work is no longer the right one.

But then, how do you know it’s time to leave your job? 

I’ve put together three questions you should periodically ask yourself. By answering these questions, you’ll gain a reality check and be able to determine whether it’s time to update your resume and start considering the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

🔋 First up: Is your workday draining you more than energizing you? We all have tough days, but if this seems like the norm rather than the exception, it’s time to take a closer look. Are you constantly feeling burned out, exhausted, and depleted by the work you’re doing? Sure, we all experience moments of stress, but they word here is “constantly”. If there’s nothing to recharge your batteries, it might be a sign. After all, work should involve a blend of challenges and rewards, with some tasks leaving you feeling accomplished and invigorated. If that’s not happening, it might be worth exploring new opportunities.

📝 Now, let’s have a look at your priorities. Life is full of seasons, and what matters most can change over time. It’s not just about a big pay check or an impressive title; it’s about aligning your work with your current life stage. Are you in a phase where you crave more flexibility to spend time with your family or the freedom to explore the world? Does your job support these priorities, or is it holding you back? Think about what truly matters to you right now. Are you sacrificing important aspects of your life for a job that may not align with your current season? Sometimes, it’s not just about the job itself but how it fits into your broader life picture. If your job is hindering you from achieving what’s most important at this moment, it might be time to reassess your career path.

💘 Lastly, let’s consider values. Your job isn’t just about tasks and responsibilities; it’s also about the environment and culture you’re immersed in. Is your workplace ethical, or do you have concerns about its values and practices? Is the atmosphere toxic, leaving you feeling stressed, undervalued, or disrespected? Our gut feelings are often spot on. If you sense that your workplace doesn’t align with your values, it can lead to emotional and mental strain. Remember, you spend a significant portion of your life at work, and it should be a place where you feel respected, valued, and aligned with the mission and culture of the organization.

So, should you leave your job? Well, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer.

But the important thing is to never lose sight of what matters to you and what you want to do with your life, both professionally and personally. If these things are clear (or at least you’re not totally blind to them), understanding what to do should be easier.

I can already hear you saying that making that decision is super scary, and that the part that comes after – actually looking for a new job – is incredibly difficult. But hey, we’re here for that reason!

This newsletter is the place where we can share the good, the bad, and the challenges leading us to a brighter and more fulfilling professional journey ahead! ❤️

Always in this together, see you in a couple of weeks with Working Wonders, Issue #8! 🚀


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