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Today, I’d like to delve into a topic I’ve been contemplating since my transition from my previous role to my current one. Long story short, up until a year ago, I was employed by a startup company that was in the process of scaling up. However, when there was a change in management, it had a significant impact on the company’s culture, vision, approach, and, even most importantly, on my role. At that point, I sensed that it was no longer the ideal place for me, so I made the choice to leave. I then transitioned to a similar role in another great company, also in the process of evolving from a startup to a more established business.

After a year in the new role, I couldn’t help but make some reflections on my professional growth, and this process is helping me a lot in learning more about me and how I approach the world of work. For this reason, I’d like to dedicate a few of the upcoming issues of Working Wonders to share some insights on what I am discovering.

In this edition, I’d like to discuss a specific aspect: the importance of visibility at work and how it can benefit you both professionally and personally. First, some definitions. Visibility at work basically means that your efforts are recognized and acknowledged. I don’t know about you but this is a crucial aspect for me at work. Of course I like doing my job as such, but I like it even more when I see everything I do has an impact and helps those around me, and when this impact is appreciated.

Over the years I am learning that when stepping into a new role, working hard is surely fundamental, but also being recognized is important. This led me to contemplate why visibility is crucial and, more importantly, how to gain recognition at work.

Jokes aside… why is visibility essential?

  • 👉 Influence: Visibility empowers you to influence others, regardless of your position. Your ability to shape your colleagues’ thoughts, beliefs, and actions is key.
  • ✨ Opportunities: Enhanced visibility opens doors to new prospects. Key decision-makers are more likely to involve you in important projects, share crucial information, or even promote you when they recognize your capabilities and the positive impact you bring. Additionally, being present in decision-making processes and participating in career-shaping projects can help landing a promotion.
  • 🤝 Networking: Greater visibility enables you to connect with new people in your workplace, regardless of the sizes of the company you work for. Those who appreciate your contributions can introduce you to decision-makers in various departments, cross-functional teams, or external networks, which can prove highly beneficial.

I know this may sound super strategic, but trust me, viewing these advantages as ways to enrich your career and personal growth can make you love your job even more. Why? Well, nurturing visibility at work involves practical steps that, although simple to explain, can be challenging to implement.

Some examples of practical steps to enhance your visibility at work? Well, I’ve looked back at my previous experience and I’ve got you covered:

💯 Deliver Quality Work 💯

It seems almost obvious, but consistently providing high-quality work will help you establish a reputation as a reliable and valued team member.

💪 Take Action 💪

Actively participate in meetings on crucial topics, share your successes, and put your ideas on the table. This may sound almost incompatible with humility and humbleness – two aspects I really value at work – but humility doesn’t mean silence! Also, recognize the best opportunities to step forward, especially if you see projects that others shy away from or are reluctant to lead, and you have the right skills.

🤝 Understand Key Stakeholders 🤝

Identify what’s important to influential decision-makers in your organization, and demonstrate how your skills can benefit their work, making them more likely to notice and appreciate your contributions. For sure, if you are close to the key positions in your team or company, this is easier.

📚 Seek Learning 📚

Opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge are everywhere. Look for cross-departmental projects and company-wide initiatives to collaborate with senior employees, providing insights into various aspects of the company and fostering your professional growth.

🥰 Be Kind 🥰

Probably this is the most needed soft skill out there. Being kind, empathetic, and adaptable at work, listening to the needs of those around you, will make you the person everyone wants to work with. Combining kindness with high-quality work will establish you as the go-to person when challenges arise.

As we start this week, I will keep on reflecting on why sometimes these practical steps come natural, and sometimes they don’t. But I’d also like to ask for your help: do you think visibility is important? How does it affect your daily work? What actions do you take to enhance it? I always get amazing answers by you, Wonderers, and I cannot wait to read your thoughts on it!

I’ll be catching up with you in Working Wonders, Issue #10 in a couple of weeks!


PS – Hey, there is also something else I wanted to share today! Anthropos is growing so much these weeks and months, and we have a brand new website! You can check it out here and, well, I shouldn’t be saying this before it’s done, but incredible things are coming for Working Wonders too! 🚀 Stay tuned to know more!!!

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