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  • November 10th, 20234 min

    Are you the Jedi master of shutting down your laptop and ghosting your phone, or are you the all-time online champ, no matter what? Resting and relaxing at some point is vital. What to do and what to avoid to be finally able to go on vacation.


  • October 30th, 20234 min

    When we accept a job offer, we're basically signing up for a mystery rollercoaster ride. How much do we really know about the job, the company, or the team we'll be spending most of our waking hours with? Not much, really! What should we do before accepting a new job? Let's find it out! Sure, there are exceptions, where we know the company or the people beforehand, but usually, it's a leap in the dark. We're so focused on impressing during the interviews that we forget it's a two-way street. Just as the company chooses us, we should also choose what's best for us. It's like dating, but with jobs! 


  • October 27th, 20234 min

    For sure you’re going to find a gazillion articles online with inspiring tips on how to turn your passion into a job. However, in my opinion, the real game-changer lies in something simple: pay attention to what makes your eyes sparkle—not only during work but even when you're supposedly off-duty. You know, those quirky activities that make you lose track of time, leaving you glued to your PC at 8 in the evening! Embrace those, because that's where the magic lies: those are the things that make you feel alive and purposeful.


  • October 27th, 20236 min

    Welcome to the first issue of Working Wonders, our newsletter dedicated to the world of work! This is Emma, young professional by day, writer by night, and curious and frank observer of anything somehow related to personal and professional development. We are starting this project with the aim of looking at the world of work in a new, a little bit witty, and hopefully helpful way. In this first issue we’re looking at a paradox: is it better to be in a job you hate or not having a job at all?


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A place to talk about work

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