Reduce your workforce turnover

Reduce your workforce turnover

Companies are constantly wasting millions in replacing their talent.
It happens at every level of the workforce.

Your people stay for constant development

Employee retention is influenced by compensation, learning opportunities and culture.
40% of people leave their job due to the lack of career development and lack of a clear path to what’s next inside the organization.

How workforce turnover damages your business

“Replacing employees within the first 24 months is a costly business challenge. It’s not just a loss of skills and productivity; roles like Sales and Customer Success can see contract shrinkage or customer churn. In our past company, losing staff often meant spending double their yearly salary on replacement, factoring in hiring and training costs.”

Strong workforce retention improves your P&L

By cutting costs on new hires and consultants, companies can save significantly, especially when specific skills are urgently needed. For a company with 2,000-3,000 employees, nurturing internal talent can save millions. Low retention not only affects the P&L through missed opportunities but can also delay or cancel projects when key talent exits.

How Anthropos helps retaining your talent

Offer clear paths for your workforce

In Anthropos, each employee has a profile highlighting their career, skills, and internal opportunities. They can also explore skill-building for their role or similar positions. This modern approach boosts engagement, making employees feel truly involved.

Teach skills relevant to your company

Companies can tailor skills and career paths in Anthropos to their business needs. Employees value focusing on tangible skills that they can directly apply to their roles.

Anthropos pays for itself

Anthropos is your go-to for retention and skill-building. Beyond just keeping top talent, it’s about upskilling them. With Anthropos, you’re equipping your team with vital skills. Given the costs of turnover, Anthropos doesn’t just pay for itself—it’s transformative.


How does Anthropos improve employee retention?

Anthropos empowers organizations to visualize and manage talent in real-time, providing insight into their skills, roles, and responsibilities. Each employee has a dedicated profile with current skills, gaps, potential opportunities inside the organization and career paths. This unique approach helps companies retain people with clarity and align that with the business needs.

Who should adopt the Anthropos solution inside my organization?

Anthropos can be adopted either by individual departments or across your entire organization. Single teams can use it to boost their productivity, create custom paths and/or advance skills in specific areas. At the same time the entire organization can take advantage of it to orchestrate skills and development for each department. 

How can I track the progress in employee retention using Anthropos?

Our Workforce Intelligence solution continually provides data and insights regarding your workforce, aiding in informed decision-making. For instance, you can see how single members, teams or departments are progressing in building new skills or transitioning into new roles they have been assigned to. In addition to that, our platform analyzes data and behaviours across multiple data points to highlight employees that are performing above average and employees that might leave the organization. 

How do I present the business case for adopting a new solution like Anthropos?

A platform like Anthropos creates value from day one for single teams or the entire organization because it helps orchestrate skills and competencies for each employee and it centralizes development of new skills and roles. You should highlight the savings that this will create in terms of retention of talent and ability to develop your people into the skills and roles the business needs now and in the future – both are big voices in any budget and you can usually find them in recruiting costs and expensive talent you have to bid for in competitive fields. Time-to-market and speed will also increase across the company, with fewer disruptions to the business caused by talent leaving or lack of skills.

How can I use Anthropos to identify specific skills within my organization?

With our Workforce Intelligence component, pinpointing employees with desired skill sets and roles is straightforward, aiding in efficient resource allocation within your organization.

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