Take control of your career

Use skills to show your real abilities

A career profile for your self-improvement.

How do you manage your career?

In a rapidly changing professional world, platforms like LinkedIn, focused on job promotions and networking, often miss individual growth and skill development. As skills and job needs evolve, professionals need a platform tailored to their career growth.

Embrace skills to advance your career

Anthropos offers a unique approach to skill mapping. For every work or educational experience, the platform helps you chart out your skills. And the journey doesn’t stop at listing. As you delve deeper, you can evaluate these skills, either through self-assessment or Job Simulations.

Transition to new roles or advance in your existing one

Transitioning between roles, like from marketing to sales, can be challenging due to the emphasis on prior experience. Anthropos simplifies this journey. By matching your skills with specific roles, you can easily identify areas to develop or find roles that align with your expertise.

Connect and learn from others

Every new member on Anthropos Personal enriches the community with distinct skills and tales. We facilitate connections with professionals who resonate with your aspirations, ensuring that drawing inspiration and learning from peers or new acquaintances is a seamless experience.

Learn hands-on skills with Simulations

Job Simulations are great to explore jobs or roles you know little about but also to acquire or test your skills in a practical way. You will be challenged to collaborate, create new things and solve problems. We publish new simulations weekly.