8 chapters ・

44 steps・

11 hours, 3 minutes

We are going to start learning more about the responsibilities and usual activities of the Customer Success Manager.

5 steps・ 1 hour, 56 minutes

In this chapter you will learn the fundamentals involved in managing with customers, creating a relationship with them and helping them. It takes time and the content here will make you think and help you improve things you already do today.

A lot of your time in the role will be spent managing projects and leading them. With this chapter you will become better at not only thinking projects but also coordinating them and learning how to communicate effectively with your team and the customer.

Managing a project will challenge your leadership across many fronts. In this chapter we look at two critical skills that will help you in most situations: learn how to manage a team and improve your ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Learn how presentation and communication skills will make your work 100% more effective: your presentations and your way of saying things will improve with new ideas and concepts.

Sales is mostly about creating value and solving problems: this is what you will learn in this chapter. How to upsell and let your customers buy more of your products and services. A critical aspect of being a Customer Success Manager.

Things can go wrong all the time. With customers, teams and colleagues. In this role you will learn how to become more resilient but this chapter will teach you simple principles and strategies to manage a crisis or potential disruption of your plans.

About this path

Customer Success Manager Skill Path

The Customer Success Manager is becoming a popular role across multiple industries, starting of course with the software and digital service ones. Customer Success are usually in charge of managing large and small customers and help them get value from the products and services they have purchased. This role is fundamental for companies to keep their customers happy and upsell them to new services.

This skill path at Anthropos is designed to give you a very comprehensive introduction to the role, teaching you skills related to customer management, communication, negotiation and even sales. You will find out that CSMs are a great mix of abilities and roles in one. This path is highly suggested for account managers, sales representatives and people with a mix of skills that want to get into a role where they will spend tons of time with customers and other stakeholders and will have to master several skills, including project management and team management.

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