Sr. Machine Learning Engineer Job Simulation – AI for medical analysis

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Your virtual team

Design and present a new approach to scan MRIs and X-rays to the VP of AI and Machine Learning at Medsoftware Inc.

Challenge overview

Your mission

Medsoftware, a leading healthcare SaaS solution, is witnessing a shift towards data-driven decision-making in the medical field. With the rise of AI in healthcare and Medsoftware’s vast collection of over 2 PB of medical images, there’s an urgent need to harness this data for enhanced diagnostic accuracy. In this backdrop, the player, a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, is entrusted with creating an AI solution to analyze medical images like X-rays or MRIs automatically. The task involves drafting a proposal detailing the solution’s architecture, chosen algorithms, data handling techniques, and potential challenges. This proposal will be critically evaluated by Medsoftware’s VP of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What you will learn

Learn how to apply technical knowledge of computer vision and machine learning to the medical sector. You will also learn how to interact and collaborate with product developers and other professionals.


  1. Good knowledge of machine learning and computer vision
  2. Basic principles and fundamentals of product management
  3. Software engineering principles and experience of at least 5+ years
  4. Ability to communicate and present to C-levels and non-technical stakeholders


How to complete the challenge?
You complete the challenge sending a complete proposal of your solution to the VP of AI and Machine Learning at Medsoftware Inc. to evaluate it and give you feedback.

Assignment for Sr. Machine Learning Engineer Job Simulation

Next Steps

  1. Start the Job Simulation
  2. Interact with several technical and non-technical members of the team to understand limitations and scope of the project
  3. Based on what you learn design and detail a system with models to analyze the images
  4. Prepare a proposal and send it to the VP of AI and Machine Learning at Medsoftware Inc.


Who you will work with in this Simulation:
Your team is 100% generated by AI – you will not interact with real people and no human will read your conversation. Each single character here will either help you, challenge you or provide information to complete the simulation, like it would happen in a real company!

Maria Gonzalez

VP of AI and Machine Learning at Medsoftware Inc.

Dr. Rajan Desai

Chief Medical Officer at Medsoftware Inc.

Samuel Oluwafemi

Data Infrastructure Lead at Medsoftware Inc.

Dr. Emily Roberts

Radiologist at Partner Hospital

Li Wei

AI Project Manager at Medsoftware Inc.

Carlos Mendoza

Director of Platform Engineering

About Medsoftware Inc.

MedSoftware is a renowned software-as-a-service CRM platform, extensively utilized by over 4500 hospitals worldwide. It specializes in managing the entire patient experience, offering functionalities like patient profiling, medical record management, and a user-friendly mobile app for scheduling and communication. As a market leader in the U.S., MedSoftware is now facing stiff competition and is looking to innovate through AI integration to stay ahead.

In this scenario, you are assuming the role of a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at MedSoftware. Your primary task is to develop an AI solution that can automatically analyze medical images, such as X-rays or MRIs. This initiative is part of MedSoftware’s strategy to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency using its vast collection of medical images. Your responsibilities include drafting a detailed proposal that outlines the solution’s architecture, selected algorithms, data handling methods, and addresses potential challenges. This proposal is crucial for demonstrating the feasibility and expected impact of the AI solution to MedSoftware’s executive team, particularly the VP of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.