Sales Engineer Job Simulation: work on an enterprise software deal

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Your virtual team

Help the CTO and the rest of the team with a large enterprise software deal.

Challenge overview

Your mission as Sales Engineer

As the Sales Engineer at CargoLogicTech, you’ve been given the responsibility to draft a proposal for the CTO’s approval that showcases the benefits and superiority of the LogiSync software suite to be presented to Walmart. This proposal should effectively communicate how LogiSync will cater to Walmart’s specific logistics needs, offering a solution that stands out from competitors. The proposal will serve as a key document in the sales process and will be presented to Walmart’s decision-makers.

Your task includes understanding Walmart’s logistics requirements, mapping those needs with the features of the LogiSync suite, collaborating with internal teams for insights, and presenting the information in a compelling manner. Remember, you’re not just providing a technical solution, but also building a relationship with the client.

What you will learn
Learn how to interact and work with enterprise software stakeholders and deal with several technical questions to create trust and help the rest of the sales team in closing the deal.


  1. Knowledge of sales engineering fundamental concepts
  2. Basic technical knowledge in the enterprise software industry
  3. Ability to work, communicate and influence customers and stakeholders in large orgs


How to complete the challenge?
You complete the challenge by sending a final document that describes your solution after you have spent time with the rest of your colleagues. Download it and start filling it out as you work on the simulation

Next Steps

  1. Start the Job Simulation
  2. Talk to the CTO in your team to learn the overall goal
  3. Meet and work with all the Walmart’s stakeholders and your internal team to learn more about their needs
  4. Prepare the final presentation for your CTO to be presented to Walmart – just attach your assignment to finish the simulation.


Who you will work with in this Simulation:
Your team is 100% generated by AI – you will not interact with real people and no human will read your conversation.

Dr. Jacob Thornton

CTO in your team (CargoLogicTech)

Vanessa Kim

Senior Logistics Analyst, Walmart

Michael O’Brien

VP of Supply Chain technologies at Walmart

Lauren Patel

Director of Logistics technology, Walmart

Sarah Nguyen

Sr. Account Executive in your team

About CargoLogicTech Inc.

Founded in 2010 in Seattle, CargoLogicTech Inc., a brainchild of three logistics experts, revolutionized logistics with their LogiSync suite. Initially tailored for local enterprises, this innovative software quickly gained popularity, particularly after a partnership with a national e-commerce chain boosted delivery efficiency by 20%, solidifying their market presence. The founders, with over a decade of experience at companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, crafted LogiSync to address logistics inefficiencies with its customizable modules, ranging from real-time analytics to sustainable routing. Its collaborative design and powerful APIs facilitate seamless integration into various business operations, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. In 2023, LogiSync even began supporting drone deliveries.

Walmart, undergoing a review of its logistics processes, noticed inefficiencies in product tracking and shipping. Intrigued by LogiSync’s success in other enterprises, Walmart is considering overhauling its logistics systems with LogiSync, seeking assurance of smooth integration and positive ROI.

As a Senior Sales Engineer at CargoLogicTech, your role is crucial in demonstrating LogiSync’s value to Walmart. You are responsible for drafting a proposal for the CTO, showcasing LogiSync’s benefits and tailoring it to Walmart’s specific needs. Your task involves understanding Walmart’s logistics, aligning it with LogiSync’s features, collaborating internally, and presenting a compelling case. This proposal is key in the sales process and aims to build a lasting client relationship.