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Apply to hundreds of job positions and maximize your chances of landing a new job. As you apply to more jobs we help you defining your skills, experience and message in a better way in your Anthropos profile.


Your profile + our chrome extension

That’s all you need to get started. Sign-up for Anthropos and fill out your profile, using LinkedIn or uploading your CV. Then download our Chrome extension and start applying.
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Applying for jobs is painful

It takes hours to apply just for a few roles. That’s because you need to insert the same information over and over.

Our solution automates all of that and uses your profile’s information to fill out as many fields as possible in every application.

We integrate with multiple ATS (Application Tracking Systems) and we are adding new ones weekly. apply!
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More applications = more opportunities

In today’s market you should apply to hundreds of job positions in several countries and industries. Companies hire people remotely and your skills might find the perfect match in companies you don’t know yet.

It improves your chances of finding the right fit for your career. 1-click apply enables you to find a better job in 1/10 of the time so you don’t have to spend nights and weekends looking for your next step!

1-click learns more with every application

If we can’t fill out 100% of an application we will ask you to complete it and save your new answers / questions for later.

Our extension learns something new from every new application you complete.
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Never forget where you applied

When you apply to hundreds of positions it is easy to forget them. 1-click apply saves all your applications and you can easily view them at any time inside your profile.

Your data is yours, period.

1-click apply doesn’t share your data with external companies, entities or recruiters. We simply don’t share them with anyone because It’s not our business.


Still have questions?

How does it work?
Install the Chrome extension and sign-up. You’re ready! Open a job application and click on the chrome extension to fill it out.
Is there a limit of applications I can do with 1-click?
No, you can apply to as many jobs as you like, forever free
What if 1-click Apply can’t fill out my job application?
It will fill out all the questions and forms it can and let you do the rest - you still save time and it learns how to answer the new ones for the next applications.
How can I create my profile inside Anthropos?
We offer three options: upload your CV, connect your LinkedIn profile (suggested) or manually complete your profile

Our profile is designed to collect information about you that can give you an advantage, you can add them manually and update them anytime.
How many ATS (Application Tracking System) you support?
Anthropos 1-click apply supports 7 of the most popular ATS systems. We are currently adding more on a monthly basis. If you can’t use Anthropos for your job application please send us the URL of the job application to
How do you answer specific questions related to the company or position?
1-click Apply uses Artificial Intelligence to help you fill some of the most important open questions you usually find in job applications. You will see how it can create amazing answers even with a bit of information in your profile, but the more information you provide the better. You can do it by filling out your Introduction in the profile.


Questions or bugs?

Share with us application URLs where our extension did not work and ask us anything

Email us at
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