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Develop yourself and manage your career

Anthropos Personal helps you manage your career and constantly improve your skills.

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Our free version of Anthropos to take control of your career.


Sign-up and create your profile in seconds!

  • Personal career profile
  • Import your CV or LinkedIn
  • Add skills, experiences, projects and more
  • Improve your profile with Anthropos AI
  • Chrome Extension to manage your job applications (with limits), including cover letters
  • Full Access to our library – start up to 3 Job Simulations per month
  • All new standard features releases for Anthropos Personal



Get access to unlimited usage of our Platform.

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$ 4/month

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$ 4.95/month

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  • Everything included in Personal

  • Auto-fill and track unlimited job applications

  • Generate and manage unlimited cover letters

  • Unlimited access to our library and Job Simulations

  • 1h free consultation on your skills and career for yearly subscribers only – valued at $250

  • Cancel anytime


What’s Anthropos Personal?

Anthropos Personal is your modern career platform, think of LinkedIn to manage your professional growth and keep track of your career, skills and learnings. It’s free for everyone and you can create your profile in seconds.

Who should use Anthropos Personal and why?

Everyone – it doesn’t matter what your job is or where you work, or if you are working or not. You can start creating your profile using your resume or LinkedIn or filling it from scratch. 

Do I need to be employed at a company using Anthropos Enterprise to use Anthropos Personal?

No, Anthropos Personal is the free version of Anthropos, specifically for Individuals that work for companies that don’t use Anthropos Enterprise. 

How can I use Anthropos Personal to advance my career?

Personal gives you a profile where you can fill out all your work experiences, education, projects, side projects and more. It connects everything with skills, helping you discover what are your skills and how you have gained new ones over the years. IN addition to that, it helps you explore potential new roles based on your knowledge and it gives you content to learn new roles or skills. 

What happens if I join a company using Anthropos Enterprise?

You can share your profile, skills and other data with your company and you will see a new section related to your company where you can consult specific paths, roles and skills related to your organization. If you leave that company, you will simply maintain your Anthropos Personal profile. 

Can I control the data and information I publish on Anthropos?

Yes, you are in control of your data and your profile and can decide who can view that.

How can I delete my Anthropos Personal profile?

You can send us an email to from the email address you signed up for. We will delete all your data within 24 hours and confirm that. Soon this will be self-serve from your account.

How can I unsubscribe from Anthropos Personal Premium?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, just go to your subscription settings and cancel.

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