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Develop your workforce at every stage and size

We help small teams hire and develop their people as well as large companies that need to transform their workforce.

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Anthropos for


Automate soft and hard skills verification at scale – for any type of skills, role or scenario


$29 /candidate

with custom skills assessment included

  • Virtual immersive environments powered by AI

  • Assessment of soft and hard skills

  • Review sessions and results

  • Custom validation criteria

  • Enterprise control panel

  • Pay-per-usage contract

  • Dedicated Customer support (phone, calls, email)



Give your people a clear path to stay and do more in your organization.


$24 employee / month

Yearly or quarterly contract available

  • Career Profile for every employee with custom onboarding
  • Skills mapping of your teams
  • Skills-based hiring with Job Simulations
  • Career paths and Job Roles
  • Workforce Intelligence

  • Dedicated support with custom onboarding and weekly calls



Build a unique academy inside your company to assess, promote and build the skills your business needs.

Contact us for pricing.

  • Everything included in Anthropos Teams
  • SSO Support
  • Anthropos Studio for full customization of skills, content and more
  • Custom Integrations with your data sources and HR stack
  • End-users custom onboarding
  • Dedicated support with custom onboarding and weekly calls

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Can I use Anthropos for single teams or just for the entire company?

Anthropos can be used for single teams or for the entire organization. Our platform is flexible and you can onboard people based on your needs, adding and removing seats directly from our solution. 

Can I use Anthropos for teams and companies of any size?

Our solution has been designed for companies that have a minimum of 200 employees: that’s the size where you usually feel the pain of managing and developing your workforce and can take advantage of our technology to save costs and accelerate the business. There are still several use cases (skills-based hiring, upskilling small teams and defining career paths) where Anthropos might be helpful for your team or company, even if smaller than 200 employees. 

Can I start using Anthropos for Hiring and then migrate to Anthropos for Teams/Enterprise?

Yes. Anthropos for Hiring is specifically designed for teams and companies that are looking at a solution to improve hiring with our unique technology. At any point you can migrate to our full version of Anthropos to also manage your workforce

We are not sure where to start with mapping our organization with skills – can you help us?

Our team can support you in defining your strategy to adopt skills for your organization – we include this for all our customers. We will work with your team and leadership to define goals, set priorities and help you set Anthropos to respect them. 

Does Anthropos come with existing content included?

Yes, we create specific content across multiple roles and skills. Right now, our library includes several Job Simulations that can be immediately used or modified as templates. We are working on adding templates for career paths and job roles too with the idea of helping our customers with templates they can easily adapt and personalize for their business. 

Will end-users have access to the content library if we adopt Anthropos?

Yes – every person you invite inside your Anthropos organization has access to the Library with all existing and future content we publish. Employees in your organization will also see custom and proprietary content as well. 

What are Job Simulations?

Job Simulations are a unique technology that we have developed to create sandbox environments where candidates need to solve problems, collaborate with colleagues/customers/stakeholders and build things. It’s a modern approach to skills-based hiring and helps companies improve and automate their hiring processes. Due to their very interactive nature, Job Simulations are a great way to also upskill your workforce with a hands-on approach.  Learn more about Job Simulations. 

How can I customize Job Simulations for our roles?

Full customization is included in every plan – you will work with our team to personalize your Job Simulations based on your company and roles you are hiring for. 

Does Anthropos integrate with other HCMs and LMS solutions?

We are working on it – contact us to help us understand your needs and work on a custom solution for your company. 

Can I use existing content from other libraries in Anthropos?

Yes – if you have already purchased training or content from other providers, you can use that inside Anthropos. Contact us to learn more. 

I am not sure Anthropos is the right solution for us and I would like to learn more. What should I do?

Book a call with our team, we will start from your current problems and needs and see if Anthropos can help you solve for those. Our buying process is designed to be easy and straightforward. You will not be connected with SDRs or Sales reps with multiple steps, in the first call we will be able to answer all your questions and doubts.

Why do you have a Personal version of Anthropos?

Anthropos Personal is your modern career platform, think of LinkedIn to manage your professional growth and keep track of your career, skills and learnings. It’s free for every individual and you can create your profile in seconds. Personal uses our core technology and helps individuals share their profiles and skills if they join a company using Anthropos Enterprise. 

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