IT Support Specialist – job simulation

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Your virtual team

Work with the SVP Global Customer Support and your team to assist customers during the downtime.

Challenge overview

Your mission as IT Support Specialist
In this Job Simulation you will impersonate an IT Support Specialist. Your company, called Buildglass Inc, a SaaS enterprise software provider, is experiencing a 10 hours+ downtime of their systems and most of their customers are involved. As an IT Support specialist, you will need to coordinate the downtime and be at the frontline of it for your customers.

Your first goal is to assess how customers are reacting and keep them updated as you learn more information from your team about the ETA to solve things. Your goal is to send a final report to you boss that – in no more than 2000 words – explains what happened in a sort of post-mortem report and suggest improvements in the communication and internal/external coordination of the incidents.

What you will learn
Learn how to manage a long downtime communicating with the internal technical team while taking care of enterprise customers impacted by it.


  1. Knowledge of custom support fundamentals
  2. Basic knowledge of IT and server-related incidents
  3. Ability to communicate with stakeholders at different levels


How to complete the challenge?
You complete the challenge by sending a final document that describes your solution after you have spent time with the rest of your colleagues. Download it and start filling it out as you work on the simulation

Assignment template for IT Support Specialist Job Simulations

Next Steps

  1. Start the Job Simulation
  2. Reach out to BuildGlass customers about the downtime and assist them
  3. Understand what’s the problem, ETAs and any other information talking to your team.
  4. Prepare the final assessment to update your manager (SVP Global Customer Support)


Who you will work with in this Simulation:
Your team is 100% generated by AI – you will not interact with real people and no human will read your conversation.

Brad Mitchell

SVP Global Customer support and customer Success at BuildGlass Inc.

Linda Carter

Head of Infrastructure at BuildGlass Inc.

Michael Bramos

Senior Project Manager Community Buildings at City of Las Vegas

Hunter Kreky

DevOps Engineer at BuildGlass Inc.

Bryan Rutan

CFO at Bellcorp Inc.

Lorena Bellefort

Head of Projects and Delivery at Skyline Constructions, Chicago.

About BuildGlass Inc.

BuildGlass Inc. is a dominant force in the global augmented reality (AR) platform industry, with a presence in every major market worldwide. Over 3,000 construction and architectural firms depend on BuildGlass, making it a transformative tool in how professionals visualize, design, and manage construction projects. From North America to Asia and Europe to Africa, BuildGlass’s influence is vast. However, the rapid evolution of the technological landscape and the emergence of regional competitors underscore the need for continuous innovation.

While the BuildGlass board is proud of its global reach, they are keen on strengthening its position in the US market. The rise of nimble startups offering niche solutions poses a challenge they’re eager to address. The executive team believes that integrating AI with the BuildGlass AR platform is the next evolutionary step. Buildglass is the solution in the construction industry when it comes down to VR but the company has been underinvesting in their infrastructure for more than 3 years while customers grew 5x.

They are currently experiencing one of the worst downtimes in their history, they have been down for 10 hours blocking almost 10% of their customers globally, and some of the most critical ones unfortunately. As an IT Support Specialist, you are now managing the communication with these customers and you need to coordinate it in accordance with the internal team, trying to provide a good enough estimation and offering help in the meantime. You receive both Zendesk tickets from multiple users in the customer accounts and you also have a few customers who escalated things with their account managers and want to talk to someone now.